Should Gelato Avoided by People Who Are Trying to Stay in Shape?

Common sense would seem to dictate that a high-calorie product like gelato should be avoided by people who are trying to stay in shape. However, is that really the case? The views of athletes and dieticians vary.

As it gets hotter and hotter at the height of summer, the idea of eating cool, thirst-quenching food such as seasonal fruit and gelato becomes more and more appealing. Nonetheless, numerous fitness enthusiasts tend to avoid gelato because they believe it will cancel out the benefits of their exercise regimes.

In actual fact, dieticians claim that in the summer a 100 g – 150 g portion of gelato is ideal after training. Gelato contains essential nutrients and micronutrients, so it makes an ideal reward after a tough training session. It is the best way to regain your strength and energy quickly.

There are gelato flavours to suit all tastes, but are they all good for you or are some more highly recommended for runners than others?

Gelato in Bali

Cream flavours definitely get the thumbs up because they are an exceptional source of calcium. You can lose up to a gram of the electrolyte through perspiration and muscle contractions in an hour of summer running. Therefore, it is best to restore the balance in the body straight away by eating food with a natural calcium content.

Now that we’ve established that cream flavours are good for you, let’s take a look at fruit flavours, which do not contain milk and unquestionably have a higher sugar content. Although it is best if they are served alongside or alternated with cream flavours, they too promote the natural muscle recovery processes. From our selection of bases for fruit gelato, Complete Base SDL is particularly highly recommended because it is packed with isomaltulose: a slow-release sugar that helps to sustain the body even during extended training sessions.

Before you “run” off to your nearest gelato parlour, we have one last tip for you. As part of your diet, we recommend that you always choose artisan gelato made with natural, wholesome ingredients, such as the products from our All Natural line. After all, in order to stay healthy it is not only necessary to exercise but also to ensure that you eat high-quality food.

Original article: Gelato and running: a perfect pairing for the summer